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BT Shank x Morse Taper

Use Collis Coolant Induced Holders for mounting Weldon Shank Tools and Rotabroach® drills on machine tools & machining centers where there is no provision for feeding coolant through the machine spindle.
  • Add performance and life to cutting tools. Reduced wear means higher consistency and tighter tolerances.
  • Manufactured with the same precision and quality as all other Collis tools.
  • All holders complete with coolant connection.
  • 750 SFM/200 PSI on "O" rings.

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Item #Shank Taper Dim. A O.A.L. (B) Proj. (C) Diameter (D)
7381340 BT 3 MT 5.53 in. 2.95 in. 2.83 in.
7381440 BT 4 MT 6.32 in. 3.74 in. 3.59 in.
7381550 BT 4 MT 7.75 in. 3.74 in. 3.59 in.
7381650 BT 5 MT 8.14 in. 4.13 in. 3.59 in.