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Quick Change Morse Taper Floating Holder

Radial float is still a very important component of your threading operation. The absence of radial float will restrict the tap's ability to follow the drilled hole. The lack of radial float will force the tap to flex to meet the hole, or to cut like a mill, causing premature tap wear.
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Item #Adapter Size Tap Size Range Morse Taper Length (A) Proj. (B) Diameter (C) Raial Float
77790#1 0 - 9/16 HT to 1/8 SS PT #2 2 15/16 in. 2.66 in. 1.25 in. +-1/32 in.
77791#2 0 - 7/8 HT to 1/8 1/2 PT #3 3 11/16 in. 3.69 in. 1.96 in. +-1/32 in.
77792#3 13/16 - 1 3/8 HT to 3/4 & 1 PT #4 4 5/8 in. 5.27 in. 2.83 in. +-1/32 in.