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Item # 81032

AF collets collapse approximately 1/64"
AF collets are precisely machined to exacting standards. They are a good choice for high speed/high precision milling and drilling operations.
  • Tolerance: Guaranteed to be within 0.0003" at the collets' nose.
  • Accuracy: 3/8" and larger collets are guaranteed accurate to within 0.0005" at 4" out from their noses. Collets smaller than 3/8" are guaranteed accurate to within 0.0005" at a dis tance equal to 4 times the collet I.D.
    Interchangeable with Universal Acura-Flex.
    Acura-Flex is a registered trademark of Universal Engineering.
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Collect Series AF 38
Dim D 0.563 in.
Dim L 1.03 in.
Dim T 0.25 in.
Collet Locking Range 13/64 - 7/32 in., 5.0 - 5.5 mm
Tolerance 0.0003 in.